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Are you looking for a fast, efficient and most importantly safe journey? You've come to the right place!

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We provide transport to Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands
As we all know, in the era of the COVID pandemic, traveling around the world has become less safe and comfortable. With our help, we will make the journey to your place of work or your dream place of rest a moment of respite, thanks to our comfortable vehicles and the crew at your disposal. Feel taken care of on board!

Transfer Poland - Germany

Transfer Poland - Netherlands

Transfer Poland - Belgium

Transfer Germany - Poland

Transfer Netherlands - Poland

Transfer Belgium - Poland

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Why is it worth using our services?

Always on time

With us you will reach your destination on time. We know perfectly well that time is money!

Safely and reliably to the destination

The bus is one of the safest means of transport. Before each departure, our vehicles are checked according to specific and strictly adhered to guidelines. Your safety is most important to us!

Security measures

Professional disinfection of buses after each trip. Regular replacement of the air conditioning filter and frequent ventilation

Concern for the environment

We are well aware of the significant impact of road transport. Therefore, all our vehicles meet the stringent EURO 6 combustion standard.

Comfort on board

We attach great importance to customer satisfaction, taking care of the cleanliness and excellent condition of our car fleet.


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